About diPietro Todd

diPietro Todd Salon first opened its doors on Post Street in San Francisco in 1988, spearheaded by the husband and wife team of Kim and Andrew Todd along with partner, the late John diPietro. In the over 25 years since the launch of diPietro Todd Salon. the company has expanded throughout the Bay Area. opening a total of 5 locations (Mill Valley. Palo Alto. Walnut Creek and 2 locations in SF). Each location regularly showcases exemplary art exhibitions by renowned artists.

diPietro Todd Salon prides itself on employing and training the most talented cutters and colorists in the industry. Its Creative Team, led by multi-faceted Creative Director Moises Villa, keeps the salon's style and culture alive and innovative. Ranked at the top of the beauty salon business, diPietro Todd is involved in numerous fashion shows, editorial work and photo shoots. diPietro Todd Salon originated on the cutting edge of the beauty salon industry and remains at the forefront today.